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Highly required: High pressure & small boarding tubing, preferably with AutoClave
Mechanical sub assembly work

Posting Description:
As a Mechanical Technician you will be responsible for reading and interpreting drawings, positioning parts for assembly as well as performing repairs, reporting quality issues of the day-to-day assembly and fitting of the full range of NOV ISE product lines.


Operate designated machine safely and competently, ensuring that all HSE and housekeeping standards are maintained.
Carry out designated tasks as instructed.
Complete schedules, sequences and assignments for assembly line activities.
Carry out work instructions as given by Section Leader, e.g. work specifications, equipment operation.
Monitor and control materials, products or equipment to detect defects or faults.
Maintain assembly line performance standards, e.g. by monitoring gauges, dials and other indicators.
Maintain quality and quantity of production.
Check work via use of gauges, visuals and measuring tools
Maintain an organised / visual workspace (5S understanding)
Support key initiatives such as(on time delivery, schedule attainment, cost of quality
Generate and implement improvement ideas and encourage idea generation among team members and stop work for safety, stop production for quality, and escalate concerns
Be familiar with and use of proactive root cause problem solving (Fishbone etc.)
Evaluate current production estimates and outputs.
Carry out training in job-related skills for workers.
Enforce safety and quality regulations.
Support all NCR reporting.
Support initiatives such as new techniques and products, purchases of new machinery.
Attend daily team brief meetings, actively engaging in positive discussions regarding potential problematic areas.
Identify technical issues and seek support to rectify them whilst offering solutions where possible.
Identify and report quality related issues to Section Leader.
Accurately describe events during quality related investigations, aiding the Section Leader to understand the root cause where required.
Willingly assist Section Leader to eradicate identified potential areas of non-conformance.
Respond to identified process improvements and implement them willingly.
Report discrepancies in job route times as soon as they are identified. Communicate them to the Section Leader and implement changes when requested.
Strive to assist with maintaining all relevant KPIs in Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Engagement whilst identifying areas for improvement.
Action all tasks assigned to maintain high levels of target achievement as designated by Section Leader.
Assist with streamlining and improving overall manufacturing efficiencies and process performances to reduce overall direct labour costs.
Take part and contribute in toolbox talks.
Cover holidays and absence by working overtime in line with business needs.
Demonstrate awareness of and promote company objectives, policies and procedures.
Ensure that all procedures/paperwork is completed, kept up to date and signed off by the relevant person.
Demonstrate desire and willingness to promote and ensure that 5S principles are adhered to.
Ensure all company policies surrounding, health & safety, quality requirements and housekeeping are met.
Adheres to inspection criteria, policies and procedures without exception.
Carry out other duties as and when business requirements dictate as may be reasonably expected by line manager.


An exceptional ability to understand, evaluate and apply technical information (Functional / Technical skills)
Has solutions and suggestions that are effective in addressing the problem at hand (Decision Quality & Problem Solving)

Able to apportion time effectively to complete tasks (Priority Setting)
Be willing to provide colleagues with the information they need to complete their tasks and eliminate roadblocks (Informing Others)
Able to follow, work within and improve business processes whilst exercising good judgement based on immediate and future business needs. (Process Management)

Will be energised by challenges and drawn towards opportunities (Action oriented)

Confident and professional when representing the company in person and in writing (Written Communications & Presentation Skills)
Aspiring and keen to advance within the organisation (Career Ambition)

Personal and Interpersonal
Imbued with a strong sense of customer focus (internal/external) (Customer Focus)
Firm and diplomatic when negotiating (Negotiation)
Committed to self-improvement and development through the role in order to achieve career goals (Self- development)
Is known to consistently adhere to ethical principles and expects others to follow suit (Ethics & Values)
A candid team player who collaborates with peers to solve problems (Peer Relationships)

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