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Duration – 6 Months

Hours – 08:30am -16:30pm Mon – Fri 37.5 hrs.

As Expeditor, you will be a key member working within Operations. The role will require a dynamic, driven and methodical individual who will maximise customer service for your product line. You will be the direct point of contact for your customers and provide accurate and timely information on delivery dates. You will translate customer feedback into the operations team, and ensure requirements are scheduled through our process to meet the needs of the client. This role will require a person with excellent communication and coordination skills, who will engage and develop relationships with key stakeholders. Your quality of communication and expediting will ensure the delivery of goods through production, to support the product line in maximising OTIF and client service. Good IT and analytical skills are essential, including high numerical capabilities to ensure the delivery of our key business objectives.



You will be direct point of contact for a set of customers and will plan daily / weekly / monthly communication points to improve client service.

Delivery dates will be taken from a combination of OMEGA and team agreement and will be communicated in a structured format to ensure clarity of information.

Expediting up and down stream process will be critical to your success, this includes all functions within the supply chain.

Regular touch points with planning and production will increase your knowledge of order status and will add value to your conversations with customers.

You will drive all your requirements through our processes, to ensure we maintain schedule integrity.

You will have the vision to identify risk to orders and suggest / act on recovery plans to minimize impact to your client.

You will take part in RCA on late deliveries and drive improvement opportunities.

You will absorb priorities and identify options to meet client needs, while analyzing the impact of schedule changes both to other customer orders and financially. You will ensure these priorities are handled effectively and quickly.

You will adhere to all agreed KPI’s in line with the requirements of your role.

You will have the ability to communicate at all levels, inclusive of Directors.

Any other duties that may be required to commensurate with the grade of the job.

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